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About Brain Treatment Center Youngstown

The Brain Treatment Center Youngstown was founded in the hope of bringing the revolutionary MeRT Treatment to patients in the Eastern OH and Western PA regions. Our owner, recognizing that there was no MeRT therapy provider within several hours, opened this facility to provide treatment to his own child and is excited to help others in the area as well.

MeRT therapy studies were originally focused on conditions like PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder and TBI. However, it quickly expanded to help with other conditions of neurological disregulation, including ADHD, OCD, and Autism. 

We are excited to bring this highly personalized non-invasive therapy to help improve your brain's ability to communicate effectively. 

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Dr. Tarun Mehra

Dr. Mehra is an Internal Medicine Specialist from Baltimore, Ohio, with over 34 years of general practice experience in the medical field.

Board Certifications - American Board of Internal Medicine Education



▪ The Air Force School, Undergraduate

▪ Medical College, Medical School

▪ Saint Agnes Healthcare, Internship

▪ Saint Agnes Healthcare, Residency

New Patients

Your first appointment will typically take 45 minutes, which will include filling out intake paperwork and your first qEEG and EKG. This will take a temporal recording of brain activity to be evaluated for areas of poor regulation and opportunities for optimization.

Once your qEEG report is returned, typically within a couple days, your second appointment will be with Dr Tarun Mehra to review your treatment plant. 

Treatment Timeline

Your first 2 weeks of treatment are considered an assessment period. Every 2 weeks,  you will take another qEEG, and Dr. Mehra will evaluate the results to determine if treatment is having an effect on brain activity. It is very important to not miss any treatments in the first 2 week period. Once Dr. Mehra determines that you are responding to the therapy, treatment will resume for 4-6 more weeks, with qEEGs taken in 2 week intervals. It is not recommended to go past 8 weeks. 

What is Treatment Like?

A typical treatment last 45 minutes and involves a Neurotechnician holding a TMS coil to the treatment location(s) determined by your protocol. The treatment is delivered in 5 second intervals every ~30 seconds. The sensation of the treatment may feel like a tap or contraction on the area of treatment, but it is not painful or uncomfortable. It is recommended that you eat a high carb snack immediately after treatments as this treatment depletes glycogen stores in the areas of the brain being treated. This will reduce the likelihood of tension headache. 


NOTE: Because each treatment period lasts for two weeks, you must be able to stay in Youngstown or the surrounding area for the duration of treatment.

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